Boston, MA

Agent: Alex Braun

Quiet Light is the recording project of 23-year-old Texas-raised electronic folk artist, Riya Mahesh. Recalling pieces of Grouper, Frou Frou, and The Japanese House, Riya has found a distinct and expressive sound. She believes in working in extremes; mentioning her idea song as one that "Charli XCXs a Gillian Welch song." She is pushing towards making "intense pop music." In her first 3 shows in New York, including an opening slot for Luna Li at Elsewhere, Riya and her folk outfit impressed audiences with their electronic fusion and intimate vocal performances.

Drawing the name from an eponymous track off of The National’s 2019 album ‘I Am Easy to Find’, Quiet Light houses songs that Riya says, “make you feel like you’re floating, music that feels like soft light.” Initially developing indie notoriety for her Bandcamp ambient release ‘Blue Angel Sparkling Silver’, – which saw ambient production underlying voice memo recordings small windows into her life-- Riya leaned into lyricism and synth work for her new music. Drawing from acoustic guitar and synths, she tries to capture her dreamy Texas upbringing and all the ways that she has changed since then.