Toronto, ON

Run For Cover & Orindal Records

Agent: Gil Carroll

Toronto’s Chris A. Cummings (Marker Starling, formerly Mantler), has been making records and performing his own brand of melancholic art-pop music since 1999, both as a solo artist and with a backing band. Primarily working with a Wurlitzer electric piano and Rhythm Ace drum machine, Cummings’ atmospheric music has won him many fans, both locally and internationally.

Brooklyn Vegan on Diamond Violence:
“A grim portrait of an artist…over the silkiest of disco backing layered with sweet harmonies, synthy strings, Chic-esque guitar and a groovy bassline” (Bill Pearis)

Exclaim! on High January:
“Understated, elegant and wistful…a triumphant step forward for Marker Starling” (Vijai Kumar Singh)

Onda Rocks (Italy) on High January:
“More than a record, ‘High January’ is a master’s degree, a perfecting course on perfect pop composition” (Gianfranco Marmoro)

Onda Rocks (Italy) on Rosy Maze:
“One of the smartest pop albums of the year” (Gianfranco Marmoro)