Oakland, CA

Western Vinyl

Stephen Steinbrink is self-taught musician, songwriter, and artist. Growing up in the the absurd air conditioned climate of Phoenix, AZ, taught himself how to write melodies by reverse engineering pop songs taped off the radio and developed a unique and intricate fingerpicking style on guitar in alternate tunings. Immersing himself in the west coast DIY community in the mid-2000s, Steinbrink left on his first tour at the age of 16 and continued performing internationally for a decade, living an improvised and experimental existence, being nowhere all the time and recording incessantly. He has released 9 critically acclaimed albums of pop music in North America, Europe, and Japan. As a session player and producer, he has collaborated with Boy Scouts, Dear Nora, AJJ, Girlpool, Lake, and Ever Ending Kicks. He currently lives in
Oakland, CA.

"These dozen songs distill Steinbrink’s anguish into a luminous pop tonic—bitter, bright, and
above all, restorative." - PITCHFORK

"Stephen Steinbrink's unfussy imagery stays detached from meaning. That's part of what makes his seven albums worth your time: In their lushly arranged pop songs, the listener can tie and untie Steinbrink's vivid and unrelated images into something meaningful — or not." - NPR MUSIC

"Will dig deep into your emotional core." - THE FADER

"Stephen Steinbrink has attracted the attention and affection of fellow musicians and the coveted Bandcamp set for his introspective, lush, elegantly experimental records." - STEREOGUM