Toronto, ON

Idee Fixe Records

No hyperbole, Jennifer Castle is a spectacular songwriter.  Castle’s singing carries the joy of life. It’s what helps keep the artist perched on the vanguard of celestial country and fantastical folk, a title she affirms once again. - The Fader

a work that may well stand the test of time as a masterpiece. - Aquarium Drunkard

Castle’s music is not so much of the earth as floating above it, untethered to the natural order of time and space and often eschewing typical verse/chorus/verse structure to roam according to its own wandering spirit. As Lou Reed famously sang, “between thought and expression lies a lifetime,” and that’s where Jennifer Castle’s songs live—that grey area where observation mutates into rumination, and where the physical world dissolves into psychic terrain. - Pitchfork

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Jennifer Castle is not of this world. She seems to exist as a spectre, floating above and around just about every notable songwriter currently active in Canada. They know she’s present and they all do their best to appease her, or at least achieve what she is able to accomplish in her songs. That is no small task, as Jennifer Castle only writes songs that are rich in melody and structure; in poetry and spirit. A better north star they could not find. - Dominionated

You might bet against the notion of anyone other than Lana Del Rey calling an album Angels of Death and not drowning in her own pretentiousness. With the Toronto singer Castle, you’d lose. The first song is last night’s dream you can’t remember; Castle remembers it for you, and as the songs roll on she stays on that path. The action is all in the interstices between the melody and the cadence, the voice and the instrumentation. The melody seems called up by the cadence, the instrumentation feels like a reflection of the voice, and you can find yourself listening for those tiny lifts, the suspensions in the songs replacing the songs themselves. – Greil Marcus, Village Voice

The tone has a refreshing beatnik matter-of-factness to it, but Castle is a poet always at heart and even her simple, sentimental line, “I didn’t want to look to find you gone,” feels revelatory.  Perhaps that’s Castle’s finest skill, her ability to pinpoint the luminous in the everyday. - Aquarium Drunkard