Chicago, IL / Austin, TX / Winnipeg, MB

Citrus City Records / Birthday Cake Records / Sunroom

Agent: Adam Soloway

Central Heat Exchange is a collaborative project by musicians spread throughout the US & Canada, primarily in the central time zone. Recorded in 2020 across 13 different bedroom studios, the 11 tracks on their self titled debut explore themes of communication, companionship, separation and collectivism. Unabashedly inspired by the collaborative sounds of early-aughts indie rockers like Stereolab, Broken Social Scene, Yo La Tengo, & Elephant 6, Central Heat Exchange harkens back to the subtle anthems that inspired them to make music in the first place. 

Split across Austin, Chicago, & Winnipeg, core members Jake & Paul Stolz (Varsity, Pool Holograph, Discus), Adam Soloway (Living Hour), and Santiago RD (daphne tunes) took turns sending and building on small ideas that would ultimately snowball into a cohesive batch of songs, employing over 18 other collaborators from their respective scenes.

Sometimes starting with sounds as simple as a voice memo or a guitar sample, each song was built exclusively through iteration over email, layering bright synths over warm tape-loops & acoustic guitars, seamlessly weaving in and out of live drums and vintage drum machines. The textural elements of each track came first, with the lyrics often coming in as the final step of the song building process, creating fully-realized tracks that leave a lasting melodic impression. 

Their debut LP, CENTRAL HEAT EXCHANGE came out on Sep 10 2021 via Sunroom, Citrus City & Birthday Cake.